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Miracle Salves

Today's constant bombardment of wireless energies has an unhealthy effect upon the human body. People are now experiencing more stress in their lives and are now suffering from many unnatural ailments, including cancer and AIDS.

In a new effort to help humanity, by using ancient techniques, we have created a special selection of Miracle Salves. These natural topical remedies are able to cleanse, heal and revitalize one's body, mind, and spirit.

Natural topical remedies in the form of herbal salves and poultices have been used for thousands of years to heal people. Topical remedies with natural ingredients made by advanced spiritual adepts were widely used throughout the world because of their effectiveness until the recent spread of wireless energies.

Ancient Egyptians combined advanced spiritual healing techniques with herbal medicinal remedies. The healing abilities of the ancient Egyptian Essene "Wab Sxmt" (priest-physicians) were so amazing that they were called gods.

Every thousand years "The One Who Remembers" returns to teach people that Power Mantras and Power Prayers, (when properly used), create a rhythm of God's Unconditional Love oriented energy that can be focused in an "alchemical" way to transform molecules at the atomic level.

These ancient Egyptian Essene "Teraphim" level energy healing techniques enabled and empowered, the men and the women, Jesus taught, to heal people and exorcise demons.

Gary is "The One Who Remembers" and he has now taught his alchemical wisdom to his most spiritually advanced healers who now create Miracle Salves.

Miracle Salve Alchemists, using advanced vibratory harmonics, infuse densified atoms, (of the Teraphim level energies of God's Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light), into the molecules of natural ingredients.

In this way, our Miracle Salves are infused with miracles, (Teraphim level energies of God's Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light), in the purest of essential oils within a base of sunlight-infused beeswax. (Beeswax is a perfect product of nature having both healing and immunity-building qualities).

Available salves:

There is a maximum limit of 4 tins per salve per order.

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